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Database Management System

January 05, 2024

Course Content: 

Day 1-5: Introduction to DBMS
Introduction to DBMS, Data Models (Relational, Object-Oriented, etc.), Relational Algebra and Calculus, ER Diagrams and Database Design, Relational Database Constraints, Transaction Management and Concurrency Control

Day 6-10: SQL Basics
SQL Data Types and Operators, SQL Joins, Subqueries, and Views, SQL Aggregations and Grouping

Day 11-15: Advanced SQL and Optimization
SQL Indexing and Performance Tuning, SQL Triggers and Stored Procedures, SQL Injection and Security Best Practices, Practice SQL problems and queries

Day 16-20: Database Design and Normalization
Normalization (1NF, 2NF, 3NF), BCNF and 4NF, Denormalization and When to Denormalize, Introduction to NoSQL Databases (Document, Key-Value, Column-family, Graph), ACID and CAP Theorem

Day 21-25: Transaction Management and Concurrency Control
ACID Properties of Transactions, Concurrency Control Techniques (Locking, Timestamps, MVCC), Deadlocks and Avoidance Strategies, Backup and Recovery Strategies, Case Studies and Real-world Examples

Day 26-30: Advanced Topics and Practice
Data Warehousing and Data Mining, Big Data Technologies (Hadoop, Spark, etc.), Introduction to Data Analytics and Business Intelligence, Mock Interviews and Practice Sessions, Revision and Final Practice Tests

Duration: 30 Days | Course Fee: INR 6,666/-


Image by Hitesh Choudhary

Python Programing Language

January 05, 2024

Course outline for a 30-day Python programming course tailored for beginners. Each day includes specific topics, along with hands-on exercises and projects to reinforce learning.

Day 1-2: Introduction to Python

Overview of Python programming language, Setting up Python environment (interpreter, IDEs), Basic syntax and data types (variables, numbers, strings), Printing and formatting output, Interactive Python shell

Day 3-4: Control Structures
If statements and conditional expressions, Loops: for and while loops, Lists and list manipulation, Dictionaries and sets, Exercises: Control flow and data structures practice

Day 5-6: Functions and Modules
Defining functions, parameters, and return values, Scope and lifetime of variables, Importing modules and libraries, Lambda functions and anonymous functions, - Exercises: Writing and using functions, working with modules

Day 7-8: Object-Oriented Programming (OOP)
Introduction to OOP concepts (classes, objects, methods), Inheritance and polymorphism, Encapsulation and abstraction, Exception handling (try, except, finally), Exercises: Creating classes, handling exceptions

Day 9-10: File Handling
Reading and writing text files, Working with CSV and JSON files, Exception handling in file operations, Exercises: File manipulation, data processing

Day 11-12: Regular Expressions
Understanding regular expressions syntax, Pattern matching and substitution, Validating input using regular expressions, Exercises: Regular expressions for text processing

Day 13-14: Web Development Basics
Introduction to web development concepts, HTTP requests (GET, POST) using the `requests` library, Parsing HTML and XML content, Basic web scraping techniques, Exercises: Web scraping and data extraction

Day 15-16: Database Interaction
Introduction to databases (SQL vs. NoSQL), Connecting to databases using Python (SQLite, MySQL), Executing SQL queries and fetching results, Exercises: Database operations and CRUD operations

Day 17-18: Introduction to Data Science Libraries
NumPy: Arrays, operations, and linear algebra
Pandas: DataFrames, data manipulation, and analysis
Matplotlib: Data visualization
Exercises: Data manipulation and visualization

Day 19-20: Introduction to Web Framework (Flask/Django)
Overview of web frameworks, Setting up a basic web application, Routing and handling requests, Templates and rendering dynamic content, Exercises: Building a simple web application, 

Day 21-22: Version Control with Git
Introduction to Git and version control concepts, Basic Git commands (clone, commit, push, pull), Branching and merging, GitHub/GitLab: Creating repositories and collaboration, Exercises: Collaborative coding using Git

Day 23-24: Testing and Debugging
Writing and running test cases using `unittest`, Debugging techniques and tools (pdb), Profiling and optimizing Python code, Exercises: Writing unit tests, debugging Python code

Day 25-26: Advanced Topics
Decorators and decorators with arguments, Generators and iterators, Context managers and the `with` statement, Introduction to asynchronous programming (async/await), Exercises: Advanced Python programming tasks

Day 27-28: Final Project
Planning and brainstorming a Python project, Implementing the project using skills learned during the course, Debugging and testing the final project, Presentation and code review sessions

Day 29-30: Review and Practice
Review of key concepts and topics, Solving coding challenges and exercises, Q&A session for doubts and clarifications
Final exam or assessment to test knowledge

Duration: 30-45 Days | Course Fee: INR 24,444/-

Data Structures & Algorithm



January 05, 2024

30-day study plan for freshers focusing on essential data structures for placement preparation. This plan assumes you have a basic understanding of programming fundamentals. Each day consists of learning specific data structures, practicing problems, and revising previous concepts.

Day 1-3: Introduction to Arrays

Day 4-6: Linked Lists

Day 7-9: Stacks and Queues

Day 10-12: Trees and Binary Trees

Day 13-15: Graphs

Day 16-18: Hashing

Day 19-21: Heaps

Day 22-24: Searching and Sorting Algorithms

Day 25-27: Dynamic Programming

Day 28-30: Miscellaneous Topics and Revision: ​advanced data structures like Trie, Segment Tree, Disjoint Set Union (DSU)

Additionally, make sure to participate in coding contests and mock interviews to assess your progress and improve problem-solving skills under time constraints. Stay consistent, practice regularly, and focus on understanding the underlying principles of data structures and algorithms. Good luck with your placement preparation!

Duration: 30-45 Days | Course Fee: INR 24,444/-

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