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Scope of Foreign Language | Part 01 (Japanese Language)

Japanese Language is an East Asian language spoken by about 128 million people, primarily in Japan, where it is the national language.

Japanese writing system consists of two 3 basic scripts:

  • Kanji - which are Chinese ideographic symbols.

  • Hiragana & Katakana — Two phonetic alphabets (syllables)

There are a few thousand Kanji characters, while Hiragana and Katakana have 46 each. Interesting fact is Chinese characters, which were first introduced to Japan in the 5th century.

About Japanese Language:

  • It is very well known to everyone, the Japanese are very nationalistic and even if they can speak and write in another language they would prefer to have their written texts in Japanese. Thus, access to information could be easier if people know the language.

  • When you learn Japanese, you’ll have less competition in opportunities available in different fields, of Jobs i.e. Technology, Interpreter, etc. Also in Business, Social Sciences and Humanities, Science, Journalism and Tourism.

  • If you want to be a translator for the government or a language services provider, your competition is lower when you speak Japanese compared to other more commonly taught languages.

  • Your proficiency in Japanese can be your stepping-stone to teach English in Japanese high schools or even work in some local Japanese organizations.

  • (JET) is an annual program where international students can stay and teach in Japan for one year.

Learning Japanese will boost your professional value.

Japanese Language Future Scope:

Choosing a skill different from others will pop out on your CV and differentiate you from the crowd.

Japan is one of the famous study abroad destinations for Indian students who want to venture overseas. Japan is among the most influential investors in India. It is a powerhouse in many sectors of the global economy.

Translation and interpretation are some of the most famous career choices for people who speak Japanese.

They lead in consumer electronics, automobiles, infrastructure, shipbuilding, semiconductor, optical media, and many more. Many Japanese MNCs are operational in India like Toshiba, Honda, Suzuki, Sony, Toyota, Canon, Yamaha, Panasonic, Mitsubishi, Casio, Daikin, Fujitsu, and more.

Your fluency in Japanese can give you a job in BPO and KPO. Plus, it pays well. This requires just a bachelor’s degree. You can apply for this job by focusing on your Japanese ability and your English/native language.

Indian Government entities like Ministry of External Affairs, Ministry of Education, Indian Embassy in Foreign Countries, Ministry of Tourism, and other departments like Commerce, Science & Technology, Agriculture, Textile require Japanese language experts.

The hospitality sector is also one of the huge area where you can look for career options i.e. Events, Establishments, Travel Companies, Hotels, etc.
"You have the opportunity to travel and work in Japan once you have attained an advanced level of Japanese."

Japanese Language Certification: ~

•JLPT N1 ( Advance Level Of Japanese language)

JLPT N2 ( Advance Level Of Japanese language)

•JLPT N3 ( Intermediate Level Of Japanese language)

•JLPT N4 ( Basic Level 2 of Japanese language)

•JLPT N5 ( Basic Level Of Japanese language)

Any interested candidate can learn the Japanese Language Online and enhance his own skills in better way. You can visit to TheLearningScience for Learn various languages


Disclaimer :

We are updating the information receiving from various sources. We always trying to update the official references as well. We request you to verify the information on official platform before applying for any post.

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