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Higher Studies in India & Academic Scholarship/Fellowship

In India, there is a largest engineering Entrance examination for B.Tech, BE. Students completed their Class 12th examination are eligible for the Entrance Examination. To crack this extraordinary entrance examination, there is a need of coaching institute. So, there is a large coaching Industry behind this. Thousands of Coaching institutes, Lacs of Teachers are there. We are giving you theTop 10 Institution for the preparation of IIT-JEE examination.

  1. FIIT-JEE (SouthDelhi)

  2. Super 30 Patna

  3. Resonance - Kota

  4. Vidyamandir Classes

  5. IITians PACE

  6. Akash Institute

  7. Motion IIT Kota

  8. Sri Chaitanya & Narayana

  9. Allen - Kota

  10. Vibrant Academy

These are the Top 10 Institutes for the preparation of IIT-JEE (Mains & Advance).

Due to CoVID-19 there are a huge demand of Online coaching institutions in India. There are lot's of big players in the market as of 2021. Few of them are following:

  1. BYJU's

  2. Vedantu

  3. Unacadamy

  4. Etoos India

  5. TLS

There are many Online tutors on YOUTUBE as well for the IIT-JEE Preparation. As Individual, We suggest some of the best as follows:

  1. JDI for Mathematics

  2. PhysicsWallah for Physics

  3. NEET Prep Course for Chemistry

These are one of the best Online YOUTUBE channel as individual subject Classes. There are many good lectures on YouTube where you can learn for free. Also some Institutions provide On-demand Lectures online at a minimal cost. You can visit or email your Topic to them. For this, you should have a group of at least 5 who want to learn the same topic.

About TheLearningScience:

TLS is providing the scholarship for the academics class 9 – 12 for their higher studies named iSAXAM. Visit the webpage of the TLS Portal for more information. iSAXAM also provide the contingency during the scholarship period. There areseveral benefits, if you have passed TLS Scholarship exam. The exam will be organised once in a year. The basic purpose to organise the exam is to make students financial help per month basis on DBT (Direct Bank Transfer) mode and also provide them assistance for their higher studies.

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