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iSAXAM Scholarship 2022

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Important Instruction for iSAXAM Scholarship 2022

  1. Kindly fill the Online iSAXAM SCHOLARSHIP Registration Form and submit along with your self-attested photocopy of last passed examinations mark-sheet (as applicable), 4 passport size color photographs and cash / demand draft of ` 200/- in favor of ‘Alfabeto Learning Private Limited’. Students can also pay their Examination Fee Online. In case mark-sheet is not available, students can enroll by submitting a self-attested photocopy of their Identity Card issued by the school.

  2. For the Online Registration, Kindly visit our website:, from where student can download their Registration Number and other details for appearing in iSAXAM SCHOLARSHIP 2022 mentioning their Roll No. and Examination Centre name etc.

  3. Syllabus for the Scholarship Examinations will be available on the Website.

  4. Scholarships will be based on percentage marks they achieve in a particular exam. For that, merit list for successful candidates will be prepared by listing them in the descending order of the total marks scored by them. However, there may be ties and such ties will be broken by sequentially applying the following set of rules:

    1. Candidate having higher marks in Mathematics

    2. Candidate having higher marks in Science

    3. Girl Candidate

  5. In few cases, recommendation of School teacher may give you strong candidate for the scholarship. There can be maximum of two recommendation 

  6. The result of successful candidates in iSAXAM SCHOLARSHIP 2022 shall be displayed on our website: mentioning the Names, Roll Nos. & Ranks of the students along with eligible scholarship. Same information may be sent to the school by Email / via SMS.

  7. Fee Waiver is applicable only at our Educational Partner Institutions on both Online and Offline mode of the classes.

  8. To be eligible for Scholarship Awards, it is not mandatory to take admission at our Educational Partner centers in whole course (PCM for IIT-JEE Aspirants & PCB for NEET Aspirants)

  9. The Scholarship Reward will be valid for the maximum of 1 years. It will be extended only with the recommendation of the institution where you studying. In this case, Final decision will be taken by the iSAXAM Admin.

  10. The scholarship period will start from the date of admission or Date of scholarship award, whichever is later and will be valid for maximum of 1 year.

  11. Students Qualified for iSAXAM Scholarship will get total Cash Award disbursed in per month/quarterly basis till his selection or final exam begins.

  12. Scholarship Awards shall be paid directly in bank Account of the candidates. Scholarship Reward Instalments will be paid monthly/Quarterly basis for the respective academic year by the TLS Admin.

  13. You can change your institute within our educational partner institutions with prior information to the TLS Admin.

  14. To be eligible for Scholarship Award, a student needs to maintain minimum 75% attendance in classes and tests conducted by the Institution failing which will lead to discontinuation of that instalment of Scholarship Award.

  15. Meaning of Scholarship: Scholarship means Fee Concession, Fee Discount, and Fee Waiver. In some cases maximum of 600/months grant for the meritorious students in iSAXAM Exam. If at any point of time, the government decides to charge GST on the scholarship/concession amount/fee waiver, then the GST shall be borne by the student / parent / guardian.

  16. Selected candidates will be provided classroom learning as per the choice of their study center (at existing TLS Educational centers only.

  17. The students joining 1-year course of Class X shall be eligible for Scholarship for 1 year only. However, those students who join our 2-year program (class IX & X combined or class XI & XII combined) shall be eligible for continued scholarship for the entire period of 2 years subject to Terms & Conditions.

    1. Maximum scholarship for a student shall not exceed 100% of overall fee in any case whatsoever.

    2. The final discretion in all the cases, TLS admin and its decision will be final & binding to all.

    3. In any case, all the cases will be in New Delhi jurisdiction only.


18. For any Query: Call/WhatsApp: +91-721-7667-056 & Email:

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